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Fish soup by Luke Zimmermann

The authentic way to make fish soup with traditional "Rouille" (rust) - a spicy mayonnaise you add before eating

For 8 – 10 people Ingredients:

-3 pinches of cumin, saffron, 4-spice, mild paprika, ginger,herbes de Provence, tarragon
-3 carrots,
-2 onions,
-3 cloves garlic,
-8 tomatoes,
-3 cloves,
-35 cl white wine
-6 cl cognac
-60 g rice
-3 kg fish (such as red snapper, hake, monkfish, plaice, cod)
-4 liters water
-Olive oil, thyme, laurel, salt, pepper, grated emmenthal cheese
-8 slices soft white bread

To make the soup:

Clean the fish and cut into big chunks. Wash the carrots and dice them. Chop the onions and fry them in oil. Add the fish and turn the pieces in the oil for a few minutes then flame the cognac into the mixture.
Then add the white wine. Wash and chop the tomatoes and add them into the pot along with the garlic, herbs the saffron, cumin, tarragon spices, cinammon, paprika, ginger, cloves and the herbes de Provence. Salt and pepper to taste then pour in the cold water and cook slowly for 2 hours. Remove all fish bones from the soup then put it through a liquidizer and then a straining cloth. Re-heat to boiling  before serving.

Rouille (sauce to accompany the soup)

In a round-bottom vessel, crush a clove of garlic with 2 pinches of chilli. Add 2 slices of breadcrumbs which have been soaked in the fish soup then drained. Add 2 egg yolks and pour in 10cl olive oil. Whip the mixture energetically to as if making a mayonnaise until it gains a smooth and static consistency.  In a frying pan, brown the diced bread croutons and serve them on the soup with grated cheese.
The rouille is presented alongside.

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