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The fishing port

For generations, Boulogne sur Mer has been

France’s premier fishermen’s harbour

Thanks to its geographical situation facing the Pas-de-Calais straits (or Strait of Dover) it has always provided the fishermen with quick access to the plentiful fishing grounds of the North Sea and the Channel.


Every year some 35000 tonnes of fish are landed at Boulogne sur Mer harbour. At least 70 different varieties of seafood have been counted, the most popular being sea bass, cod, plaice, turbot, sole , crab, as well as cockles and mussels. The fishing fleet comprises 4 ocean-going trawlers, 3 trawlers equipped with refrigeration plants, 51 seagoing fishing boats and 65 coastal fishing craft.


Each year some 380 000 tonnes of seafood products are prepared in the extensive and highly specialised Capecure industrial zone


Around one hundred firms are based at Capecure and provide specialist services to the industry including ship leasing and chandlery, cold storage, filleting, as well as wholesale trading of fish, preparation of ready-to-eat seafood products, international transport and shipping. There is also a research institute and a training facility where fishmongery skills are taught.


It is worth getting up early to see for yourself the hectic dawn activity of the wholesale fish market (“La criée”). This is the nerve centre of the fish landing process, where the fish are landed from the trawlers and put on sale with the aid of high tech computer-aided resources. This is where the different trades and professions connected with the sea can be explained. After your visit, you can have a hearty lunch at the “Chatillon”, renowned restaurant frequented by all the mariners and traders situated within the Capecure zone, close to the wholesale market.

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