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An international cycle route, the North Sea Route, goes to Boulogne sur Mer

You can get to the city of the sea by bike

along the “North Sea Route”, a 470 km long cycle route which starts in the Netherlands, via Belgium into northern France, taking you on a enlightening tour through the delightful countryside of the Houtdland, the Artois and the Boulonnais.


The North Sea Route (route LF1) is a 470 km long-distance cycle route covering three countries (Netherlands, Belgium and France). The first section was opened in 1989 linking Dan helder in the Netherllands as far as th French border. A second part opened in 1993 continuing the route to Watten. Finally in 1995 the route was extended as far as Boulogne sur Mer.

In the Dutch and Belgian sections the route takes the form of dedicated cycle paths. In the French section the route uses little used country lanes, skirting around the main towns Dunkerque and Calais and concluding along the coast.  

In Flanders and in the Netherlands long-distance cycle routes are signposted under the LF label.

Useful information

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